No, I will not tell you what to do. I won't tell you whether you should text that ghosting, hot ex-boyfriend, or talk to your wife about your problems at work, or finally face it off with your hypercritical, oppressive father who hurt your feelings one more time. What I will do, however, is listen closely, work side by side with you to unpack what you are telling me, and offer all the compassion and understanding I am capable of. Most of all, I will be there -- in your difficult moments, as well as your lighter ones.

Research shows that the most important factor in individual therapy is feeling understood, knowing that the therapist "gets us." In order to get you, a therapist must be willing to be present with you no matter what you talk about, be curious and enter your world with an open mind.

I can't promise to heal you. But I do promise to do all I can to help you heal yourself.

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Laura Collura, MFT

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